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FHP Intro 3.0 | 2D project

For the longest time, I'd wanted a professional intro, and I wouldn't settle for anything short of perfection. Throughout the leveling up of my skillset, I used what I had. at first it was a 3D zoom out of my audio visualizer because blender was all I had. next it was chopped up bits of the redesign I'd paid a good friend of mine to do (which he rocked by the way!) After a while, I realized it still wasn't what I wanted.

Then came the biggest blessing of my life. I was gifted the Adobe Creative Suite, and among those was After Effects. I was opened to a whole new workflow and a whole new set of tools to express my creativity. And so, after extensive research of movie and film company openings (meaning one YouTube compilation of film company intros), FHP intro 3.0 was born. I can say now that I am throughly satisfied with this version.


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