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Time is your friend, and everyone’s here, but no one coinciding.

Drove to the shop, we talked about life. I left you still deciding.

Humorous, wise. That’s who you are. To all your friends you glistened.

Now, I don’t like tea nor even coffee, but either way I listened.



All of us waiting for you to come through the door.


We were your family carry you through the sea.

계속합니다 (keesokahmneedah)


Wednesday night, I had a dream. It told me I should text you.

Said you were fine. I had a shadow of doubt, so I met you at two.

What’s on your mind? Again you said fine. I asked about Korea.

Now looking back, you laugh with such glee and I had no idea.


And though the pain’s astounding, heart is pounding, friends surrounding you still.

God sees your heart and he knows the places you want to go

For years we’ve been there behind you, still remind you we don’t mind you at all.

Just remember the love for you here. Now you don’t have to fear.



All of us waiting for you to come through the door.


We were your family carry you through the sea.

(Anymore) 계속합니다 (keesokahmneedah)

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